Why work with me?


Danny Gosling
Brand Designer and Builder
Founder and CEO, Thinkography

So, what do you need to know about me? Well, 23 years experience in brand design counts for a lot, although fresh, understated creativity, finely honed strategic understanding, and challenging mindset are at least as important. And I find the best and most enjoyable outlet for my work is when working one-to-one with business leaders – hence BrandSpark.

Probably the best way of finding out what it's like to work with me, though, is by hearing what my clients have to say...

When I needed to pivot and scale my successful consulting business, I knew it would take much more than a new logo to pull my prospective buyers in, so I turned to Danny for his insightful branding mind and his understanding of what motivates people to buy.

Danny methodically uncovered the values and the soul of my brand, and then developed the appropriate graphics to create the crucial emotional engagement with my customers.

With his systematic approach, Danny was able to focus on my unique branding challenge, and to develop a strategy appropriate to my business, in a calm, organised and structured way, leaving me feeling confident and in safe, creative and knowledgeable hands.

If you need more than just pretty graphics, and your business would benefit from an integrated brand strategy, Danny is your man!
— Stephen Bateman, Content Marketing Performance Expert, 3x35 Lead Generation

Danny has an absolute gift for understanding and translating core messages into visuals that immediately communicate what needs to be put across. He’s not just creative in his visuals and graphics - his whole approach is end-to-end, from understanding brand values, creating a brand story and ensuring it delivers emotional engagement. If you want to crystallise or redefine your brand you should definitely talk to Danny.
— Joolz Lewis, Leadership and Organisational Culture Consultant, Enlightened Business

I worked with Danny in my Role of Retail Operations Manager in Clarks. I found Danny to be continually creative and inspiring with his thoughts and ideas and he really helped bring alive the Brand Campaigns we were conducting at the time.

Without his insight and creativity, we would not have had the success that we ultimately enjoyed.
— Terry Murphy, Head of Retail, Clarks Shoes

I couldn’t do without Danny now. He’s brought focus and direction to our marketing, helped us see the wood for the trees, and together we’ve created a firm plan of action that has made a real difference to the bottom line.
— Marc Drew, Managing Director, Cogito Talent

Danny pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and absolutely captures the essence of your requests in his designs. Danny’s work doesn’t just create something that looks visually pleasing, it also reflects and encompasses the values, ethos and culture of the company.
— Donna Wise, Retail Resourcing Lead – Europe, Clarks Shoes

Thinkography and Danny are qualified members of the DBA


The Design Business Association is: “a community of over 470 design agencies and design-led businesses who share a set of values and beliefs. By belonging to the UK’s trade association for the design industry, our members are demonstrating a commitment to:

• The belief that design should be treated as an investment.
• Delivering a return on that investment.
• The highest professional standards for creative businesses.

Our members possess certain qualities that mark them apart. They’re ambitious. They take pride in their work and the industry they work in. They’re professional in how they run their businesses and in dealings with clients. They’re committed to supporting and developing themselves and their team. They care as much about the effectiveness of their work as they do the creative element. They care about raising standards and improving the perception of their industry and recognise they have a part to play in achieving this change.”

What this means for you

By qualifying to join the DBA, I’ve demonstrated my commitment to excellence, professionalism and development that has enabled me to become one of the leading designers in my field. DBA membership keeps my mind fertile, and standards high, constantly measuring my work against the best creative minds in the world to ensure I keep delivering and keep improving.

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