Does your brand show why you’re worth more than your competitors? If not, you’re forced to rely on being cheapest, simply to win the sale. And that’s no way to grow your business.

Without a strong, persuasive brand, you’ll waste money on confused marketing that doesn’t work. And it will be much harder to persuade people to buy.

Imagine the difference if you could attract only your ideal clients. People who love your service and will happily pay a premium price for your expertise. Think of the boost to your profits!

Thinkography’s BrandSpark is the answer. It’s a game changer for marketing your small business. Fast, focused, and delivers huge value at a price you can afford.

First, you and I will define what your brand really stands for, and why people will care. Your brand’s story. The purpose and vision that drives you. The irresistible promise you make to your clients.

We’ll then express this with a powerful, inspiring brand design that makes it clear to your customers why they should choose you and no-one else.

Unlike ‘brand vanity’ designers, who are more interested in winning design awards than boosting your profits, my approach is totally focused on helping you drive the success of your business.

It’s time to escape the too-cheap trap.

Finally fulfil your potential and start earning the profits you deserve.

I knew it would take more than a new logo to pull my prospective buyers in, so I turned to Danny for his insightful branding mind and his understanding of what motivates people to buy.

Danny methodically uncovered the values and the soul of my brand, and then developed the appropriate design to create the crucial emotional engagement with my customers.

If you need more than just pretty graphics, and your business would benefit from an integrated brand strategy, Danny is your man!
— Stephen Bateman, Content Marketing Performance Expert, 3x35 Lead Generation


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