Stephen Bateman – 3x35 Lead Generation


Stephen is a successful content marketing expert who's developed a strategic framework that he now teaches to fellow marketers. He recognised BrandSpark as the ideal design service to bring his brand to life and generate the engagement with his potential clients that would get the programme generating sales quickly.

Stephen's description of the new service ran like this:

“I help savvy enterprise marketers create content marketing strategies that get board-level buy-in, within 60 days, for just 35% of the cost of outbound methods, and with 3x the volume of leads, using a proven framework you can use, time and again.”

We went to work to capture the true essence of Stephen's vision and turn these ideas into a tangible, marketable brand.


The target market niche we could define as:

"Ambitious, savvy marketers employed in enterprise businesses"

The key 'pain point' potential clients are looking to solve would be central to our message. This is the primary reason people will buy into the programme. For our target market, their frustration is this:

"They need to use content marketing to create high volumes of quality leads but struggle to convince their Board that it will generate sufficient return on investment. So they don't get the support and resources they need to build a successful strategy."

To find the right name for the programme, we needed to distil the key benefit down and make it memorable, distinctive and snappy : simply,

"3x35 Lead Generation"

The supporting strapline needed to say a little more and give a clear indication of who the service will appeal to, and why, in just a few words:

"Impress the board with my proven strategy for savvy content marketers "

So we had the clear message behind the brand. Now it was time to design the visual brand that would articulate this message in an engaging and persuasive way – and lead to sales!


As a micropreneur, you ARE your business!

The challenge was to give the new programme credibilty from the start. We needed to not just promise an exciting opportunity worthy of clients' investment – we worked hard to capitalize on Stephen's excellent reputation to bring reassurance to potential buyers. 

To achieve this, we focused the visual brand on three words: Authoritative. Premium. Authentic.

We also put Stephen at the centre of his brand, commissioning a photoshoot with Thinkography's photography partner to bring Stephen's character and confidence to the fore.

The result is a sophisticated, distinctive design that presents both the 3x35 programme and Stephen himself as a class apart from competitors, that any ambitious marketer will recognise as the best way to gain that all-important Boardroom buy-in.

When I needed to pivot and scale my successful consulting business, I knew it would take more than a new logo to pull my prospective buyers in, so I turned to Danny Gosling for his insightful branding mind, and his understanding of what motivates people to buy. If your business would benefit from an integrated brand strategy, Danny is your man!
— Stephen Bateman, Content Marketing Performance Expert 3x35 Lead Generation

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