Without a strong brand to show why you’re worth more than your competitors, you’re doomed to rely on being cheapest. And as a small business, that’s no way to grow your profits. Danny Gosling, Founder and CEO, Thinkography

76% of businesses in the UK are microbusinesses (under 10 people) – that's 4.3 Million! Yet for too long the design industry has been focused on the needs of high profile corporate clients. Effective, strategic branding has been out of reach for businesses without a five-figure budget to spend.

That’s why BrandSpark is a game changer for marketing your small business.

BrandSpark builds the foundations of the engaging brand you need to drive your business growth. It’s focused, streamlined and driven, and delivers huge value, quickly, at a price you can afford.


How BrandSpark works

To be successful, your brand must have meaning, to stand for something.

However pretty your logo, it’s the qualities it represents that are key to your success.

We’ll spend 2-3 hours together – either face-to-face or on Skype – and dig deep to understand the story behind your business, the purpose and vision that drives you, who you aim to serve and why they will care.

We’ll define what makes you special, and why your customers will buy.

We’ll then assess where you are now, and set out what we’ll do to make your vision real.

You’ll come away with fresh confidence, focus and clarity:

  • Identify your perfect market niche

  • Make it easy to buy from you

  • Establish your unique brand promise

  • Simplify your message with engaging 'oneliners'

  • Network with confidence using your 30 second pitch

  • Identify five Key Metrics to measure the success of your brand

  • Generate a stream of high-quality leads, who are eager to buy from you

  • Build customer loyalty and repeat business

  • Motivate and inspire your colleagues

  • Attract the most talented and committed people to join your team

  • Enjoy building a meaningful brand you’re proud of

This is a low-investment, high-return route to a more profitable and fulfilling business.



I knew it would take more than a new logo to pull my prospective buyers in, so I turned to Danny for his insightful branding mind and his understanding of what motivates people to buy.

Danny methodically uncovered the values and the soul of my brand, and then developed the appropriate design to create the crucial emotional engagement with my customers.

If you need more than just pretty graphics, and your business would benefit from an integrated brand strategy, Danny is your man!
— Stephen Bateman, Content Marketing Performance Expert, 3x35 Lead Generation


I'm proud to be qualified member of the Design Business Association.
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